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Reptiles and Amphibians

Lizards! A live expedition with the American Museum of Natural History. 

Reptiles and Amphibians: Komodo Dragon, American Alligator, Bullfrog, Galapagos Giant Tortoise, Anaconda, American Crocodile, King Cobra, Chameleon...

The Frog and Toad Web Site Resource for frog and toad information.

For reptiles, also see: The Animal Omnibus and Sydd's Internet Zoo.

Sea World

Sea World / Busch Gardens:
Want to know about Beluga whales or bony fish or gorillas? This is the site to locate information or fun facts about a terrestrial or aquatic animal. It often includes book lists for projects or general reading. 

Ifaw (International Fund for Animal Welfare): mainly fights for the protection of wild sea-life and of whales in particular.

Sharks: watch live-cams of shark-hatching from the Miami Museum of Science.

Penguin Quiz

Amazing Orcas (a site developed by students for THINKQUEST JUNIOR) Everything you need to know about orcas and whales. 

Open Here: Links to bears, birds, cats, dinosaurs, dogs, endangered species, fish, frogs, horses, pets, penguins, primates, sharks, whales, wolves...

Our Watery Planet Dive to the bottom of the ocean with these super cool movies!


Endangered Species

Endangered Species of the Next Millennium
: enlights the causes of extinction, Species Profiles, Facts and Quotes, Media Gallery (images and movies of rare wildlife) 

EE-link's Endangered Species Pages

Pictures to download:

Endangered Species at Yahooligans 

The WWW Virtual Library:
see the Pictures section for some more links. 

Animals and Nature 

Electronic Zoo/NetVet Animal Image Collection 

Animal Icons Loads of images to download (for private use only!!)

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