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Play and learn with EDUGREEN: crosswords, word search, puzzles, memory games, cartoons, jokes...

EPA Explorer's Club. Would you like to learn about the environment and have some fun at the very same time? On this page, you'll find some exciting, interactive games that will teach you about protecting the environment: Detective Training Activities, the Environauts Mission to Earth, Happy Earth Day Activity Book, Recycle City, Waste No Words ...

Athropolis Games: The Big Snowball Fight, Jigsaw Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles, Archaeology Game, Ice Towers of Athropolis. All these games evolve round the Arctic region.

April Geo Find answers from around the world - and solve the secret message
Rain Forest Plants I bet you know what a Venus Fly Trap looks like, but what about the Strangler Fig?

Mapping Biodiversity Choose a location, and then choose which plants and animals live there. Click on the plant or animal for more information

Ecology Strikes Back Read wacky comics and go on a web adventure - go for the high score!

Shrink the Landfill With $50,000 dollars, can you reduce trash by 10%?

WWF Virtual House Choose a topic, wood, wildlife, chemicals and more - then go search the house for an answer to the question. New questions every time.

The Hamburger Game Find out about all the things needed to make your hamburger!

Hangman: Plants (Sperling and Oliver)

Environmental Fun and Games  Word Scramble and Word Search puzzles. Also check out the Quiz section where you'll find exciting quizzes about Animals, Water, Energy, Ozone, Natural disasters, Air Pollution ...

NIEHS Kids Pages  NIEHS Kids Page Index: Fun and games for children as an introduction to science, research, and medicine from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

BBC Nature Online  BBC Nature Online - A site for anyone interested in animals and games!

BBC Really Wild Zone  The Really Wild Zone - packed with wildlife fun, facts, games, and a chance to win some great prizes. Produced weekly.







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