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Great Globe Gallery  3G on W3: Graphical collection of different views of our Planet Earth + scientific measurements and facts.

Ask A Geologist Send your questions (i.e. Why does California have so many earthquakes, and not New York?, Why is there so much oil in Texas, but not in Wisconsin?, What are the deepest canyons in the United States?...) by e-mail and they'll be answered by a scientist.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States 

Geoscape Vancouver- Living with our geological landscape Some of the topics on this site are: Living on the shadow of volcanoes, Sea to Sky, the Fraser River delta, earthquakes, mountain corridors...

Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection 



GOAL - Global On-line Adventure Learning  Online Magazine: Explorers of all ages are invited to join educational adventures with an emphasis on science, technology and nature. This site's adventures and acronym 'GOALS' are intended to inspire readers to establish and strive for goals of their own.

Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Image Archive

Mote Marine Laboratory

Ocean Planet, a Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition.

Ocean Voice International The oceans cover 71% of the planet which could be called Ocean instead of Earth. Discover ocean facts, a Picture Gallery and Fun Pages at this wonderful site.

Safari Touch Tank 3-D images, animations and movies.


All About Atoms What are atoms? Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects. A desk, the air, even you are made up of atoms!

Circles of Light- the Mathematics of Rainbows.

Exhibits Collection -- Amusement Park Physics  This interactive exhibit, part of the Exhibits Collection, explores how the laws of physics play a role in the design of amusement park...

Household Science for Kids- Sound and Noise

Marie Curie and Radioactivity The story of the famous first female Nobel Prize winner and of her discovery of radioactivity.

Optics for Kids An overview of the basics of optics suitable for elementary school children. Also discusses careers in science and engineering.

The Atoms Family Learn about energy conservation, kinetic, and potential energy. Discover the properties of light, waves, and particles. Explore the principles of atoms and matter.


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