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Environmental Science  Everything about our Environment, including focus on hot issues, interesting facts, animals, plants, weather, earth, links....

GF Awesome  GFAwesome.org is the web's first education-driven site for kids and teachers who want to explore trees, tree biology, ecology and conservation.

Global Response - Young Environmentalist's Actions for Kids  In each Young Environmentalist's Action, you'll learn about an environmental emergency somewhere in the world and the issues behind the problem, what local people are doing to stop the environmental damage and how you can help.

GreenScreen - The Global Habitat Project

Kids Go Wild  The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) works to save wildlife and wild lands throughout the world.

Making Environmental  Learning Fun for the Young. You'll find the following activities at this site:
1- Explore: life on earth, renewable energy,
2- Play and learn: crosswords, word search, puzzles, memory games, cartoons, jokes...
3- Network: enviro-cards (excellent for a pen-pal!), share experiences, ask an expert, green chat...
4- Surf: web site links, games sites, CD Roms...

Tour of Heroes: Take a trip around the world and meet amazing people who are saving animals and places on every continent. Just click on the animated pictures above for some really wild adventures! 
Earth-friendly Househunt.  You can make your house -and the world outside of it- a better place to live by following some simple, earth-friendly tips. Just click on the items in the rooms of this house...

EPA Explorer's Club. Environmental Protection Agency's Kids Page. Topics: air, water, plants and animals, garbage  and recycling, you and your environment. For games and activities, click on Kids' Stuff.  

EPA Garbage Games.  Many materials we use everyday can be reused and recycled. On this page, you can explore ways to reduce the amount of garbage you throw away. 

Earth Day at Kid's Domain  Links. Click on Earthday at the bottom of the page: you'll find lots of games and activities, downloads, online games (British Columbia Environmental Quiz, Animal games...)

Greenpeace: the official site -based in UK- of the famous organization for the protection of the environment!!

Time for kids: Learn everything about the destruction of the Amazon Jungle, the world's largest Rain Forest.


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