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Flight Let's take a look at the hard work and inspiration, the dreams and defeats, that have made flight possible. Topics developed in these pages: the Science behind Flight, the History of Flight, Nature's Flight and Just for Fun. These Flight pages are part of the Yes Mag site, Canada's Science Magazine for Kids!

Airliners.net  Aircraft Data and History / Aviation and Articles / Aviation News and Postcards / Helicopters / Classic Airliners...and loads of photos! 

Federal Aviation Administration Kids' Page. Kids Corner is a fun page for all.  It includes activities such as coloring books, word puzzles, and experiments.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Home Page.

Anthropology and Archaeology

Anthropology in the News

Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology - University of Memphis

The Natural History Museum, London, England

Biology (1)

Bacteria Rule @ nationalgeographic.com. Look, you're surrounded! Bacteria are multiplying in your guts, squiggling in your food, and (-gross!), don't even look at your hands. Bacteria may sound icky, but could we survive without these microscopic life-forms that hang out everywhere?

Brainpop Cells and Body Basics is an educational web site offering Health, Tech and Science movies together with experiments and activity pages for kids. Very interesting

Bugs in the News What the heck is...an allergy?, an antibiotic?, an anti-body?, an enzyme?, a gene?, "Mad Cow" disease?, microbiology?... Find out about all these mysteries at Bugs in the News, a site maintained by John (Jack) C. Brown, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. For advanced students.

Cool Science For Curious Kids Fun and interactive site to help kids appreciate science. Five activities adapted from science and children's museums. From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

I Can Do That Everything about DNA (structures, genes, replication), Cells (bacteria, animals, plants), RNA, protein, cloning and genetics! For upper-intermediate to advanced students.

Life Science Safari Meet Sally! She will be your Adventure Guide on an exciting safari in search of living things. Along the way, you'll learn what makes these things what they are!

More links to Biology web sites on Page 2.


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