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Students' Stories

Author: Lamia
Class: 5eD
School: Collège de Bellegarde, Loiret, France

Hello! My name is Lamia, my birthday is on January, 12th. I have two sisters. I like English very much. I hope this dialogue will be interesting.

Tom: Hello! My name is Tom. What's your name?
Lucy: Hello, Tom! My name is Lucy.
Tom: I am eleven. What about you?
Lucy: I'm eleven too.
Tom: I have a cat, two dogs, three goldfish and five birds. Do you have any pets? And how many?
Lucy: I have five pets: three cats and two dogs.
Tom: I like playing chess, going to the cinema. What do you like doing?
Lucy: I like going to the theatre, reading, listening to classical music and preparing dinner. At school, I learn French. And you?
Tom: I don't learn French but I learn German. What's your phone number?
Lucy: My phone number is 0 99 25 06 78. What's yours?
Tom: My phone number is 0 68 77 05 88.  When is your birthday?
Lucy: My birthday is on July, and you?
Tom: My birthday is on December.
Lucy: Sorry, here is my mum. Bye!
Tom: Goodbye, Lucy!

Copyright 2002-2003

Author: Angélique
Class: 3eF
School: Collège Paul Eluard, Châlette/Loing, France


The Nature Adventure

Life was beautiful two thousand years ago: nature was well-kept, wild animals were happy and so were people. Today, in 3567, the whole nature is destroyed. Before, people respected the environment. There were public gardens and parks. Now, we have to remember two people: Mary and her brother Jack. They created a machine which kept nature in good condition.

Their adventure began in 1569, on a summer day. They couldn't bear nature to be destroyed in the years to come. So they decided to create "the Protector of Nature", which consisted in having people respect nature. They looked for a buyer for many weeks. He was an old man with a long beard and a black tunic. But Mary and Jack didn't judge by appearances. So this man, who was Strangeman, bought the machine. Unfortunately...

Since that day, Strangeman decided to destroy nature because, in fact, he was a horrible sorcerer! When Mary and Jack realised what his real job was, they followed Strangeman but they didn't find him.

Some years later, Strangeman still couldn't be found but nature continued to be destroyed. There was only one solution left: to disconnect the machine through the main computer in France. But it failed.

So all nature was destroyed and no one could nor would ever be able to do anything against this destruction as long as Strangeman would be alive. But as everybody knows, sorcerers are immortal!

Copyright 2001-2002


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