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Teachers' Corner >> Teaching Tips 

Tips, Projects and Collaboration

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Tips and Ideas  

In this section, you can either:

read other teachers' tips, ideas or lesson plans,

submit your own: in that case you'll have to decide in which category you'd like to see them published.

check out the Communicative Activities pages.

Dossier Espace Langues (projet pédagogique à télécharger)

Online Educational Projects

These pages will be useful to you if you're looking for a partner class for your students:

  You have a specific project in mind: go to the related page, fill in the form as precisely as possible and submit it. If other teachers are interested in your project, they'll get in touch with you.

You have no specific project in mind: you can browse our online projects section and read about other teachers' suggestions. Then, if you're interested in one particular action, you can e-mail the project co-ordinator directly and start working on a collaborative basis.

Collaboration and Friendship world-wide

Set up privileged relationships with other ESL/EFL teachers throughout the world: share views or information in relation with your job or not, organize holidays together or exchange houses and make the best out of the Internet. 

How do I participate in this free, friendly scheme?

It's quick and easy! Just enter your screen name, e-mail address, country and any other kind of personal information that appears relevant to you. Your public profile will be edited* and other teachers will then be able to contact you. 

Why should you delay the happiness of making new teacher friends from around the world? It's free, it's safe and this service is offered by an ESL teacher just like you! Submit your own profile now... or Click here to read other teachers' profiles if you still feel you want to make sure everything's clean.

* Any obscene or somehow offensive profile or information submitted in this section will be immediately deleted without prior notification.














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